MLS® High Peak Pulse Laser – Action on Pain and its Causes

    • MiS is a Game Changer

      MiS is the turning point for a new generation of therapeutic devices by ASA that gathers the technological and scientific know-how of the last twenty years. The proven advantages of the synchronized MLS® pulse are enhanced by a patent pending fibre optic technology and a new modulation capable of conveying even more intense and penetrating energy packages into the tissues.

      The experience gained with Hilterapia® has led to an increase in power of the impulse, focusing on the 905nm pulsed component, which in MiS reaches a peak power in the order of kW! The very high, instantaneous peak power and a controlled average power are consistent with the choice of pursuing efficacy while safeguarding patients’ safety. The modulation in short pulses allows in fact to “tame” the peak power, taking advantage of its therapeutic benefits in complete safety, avoiding damaging thermal effects.

      The scientific studies carried out have shown that the peculiarities of MiS are not limited to technological innovation and the enhancement of the biological effects already achieved with MLS® but, exceeding all expectations, have revealed new therapeutic effects that extend the possible applications of laser.

    • Now Available In Australia and New Zealand

      Heal With Laser is the exclusive distributor of ASA therapeutic medical lasers in Australia and New Zealand and are thrilled to offer the MiS as part of their product range.  Due to varying international medical regulations the MiS isn’t available in every country.  Australian and New Zealand practitioners are one of the few to be able to access the MiS device with never-before-seen performance to treat pain and its causes.

    • Why MLS Laser?

      “Clinicians are looking for innovative ways to future proof their practices. Any practice that is willing to incorporate the MiS and its ground-breaking technology into their practice demonstrates they are thinking about the long-term sustainability and success of their practice and reinforces their   forward-thinking approach and commitment to patient care.” Catherine Norton Heal With Laser

        • MiS Features

      • Boosted MLS®

        It inherits the proven efficacy and therapeutic superiority of the synchronized emission of MLS® and enhances its power – in particular the peak power of the pulsed component – for an even stronger and deeper action. This opens the doors to new therapeutic goals, in particular in the context of peripheral neuropathies.

      • Homogeneity of treatment

        The spatial overlap between the different wavelengths ensures the diffusion of the MiS energy mix on the irradiated area. The adopted optical technology allows a uniform beam profile and a homogeneous energy distribution on the target area.

      • Game-changing Technology

        It has gone beyond the technological state of the art by optimizing the fibre coupling of 7 diode laser sources, pulsed and continuous, reaching peak powers of 1kW and an emission quality of very high level.

      • Safety

        The very high instantaneous power, which reaches the order of kW, is modulated through very short pulses that allow the stimulation of the therapeutic biological processes while maintaining control of the thermal effect and therefore the safety of the treatment, which has always been an essential requirement for ASA.

      • Ergonomics and practicality

        Light, compact, and multifunctional handpiece. The mechanical connection system of the optical terminals has been designed to allow immediate interchangeability and is equipped with a recognition sensor to adjust the emission parameters automatically.

      • Optic fibre

        It combines in a single bundle the multisource power, maximizing the therapeutic performance. Flexible, handy and durable thanks to the internal steel sheath.