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      Advanced technology for the health professional treating pain, inflammation and oedema in medical and allied health practices.


    • Unlock the unique therapeutic power of MLS® laser to treat pain

      MLS® laser therapy is a cutting-edge pain management technique that harnesses the unique therapeutic power of both pulsed and continuous laser emission. This innovative technology delivers laser energy to the affected tissue, stimulating cell regeneration, reducing inflammation and pain, and promoting rapid healing.

    • Revolutionise Your Practice With MLS® Laser Therapy

      MLS® laser therapy empowers healthcare providers to envision a future where pain and discomfort are no longer a barrier to achieving optimal health and wellness.

      Download for FREE the ‘Revolutionise Your Practice with MLS® Laser Therapy: The Key to Business Growth and Improved Patient Outcomes’ eBook. Discover how this world-class technology can boost your clinical results and practice success like never before.


    • Speeds the healing process

      High power Class IV laser delivers shorter treatment times, reduced treatments and faster healing.

    • Relieves pain & Inflammation

      The patented dual wavelength design produces a simultaneous therapeutic effect on pain, inflammation and oedema.

    • Repairs damaged tissue

      MLS® system improves healing of soft and hard tissues with biostimulation mode including post treatment recovery.

    • Revolutionary MLS® laser therapy

      The therapeutic effect of MLS® laser therapy is achieved through the interaction of the laser energy with the damaged tissue, promoting the production of cellular energy and activating cellular metabolism. The dual emission of pulsed and continuous laser provides a synergistic effect, creating an optimal environment for tissue healing and promoting faster recovery.

      With its non-invasive, pain-free treatment, MLS® laser therapy offers an effective, safe, and convenient alternative to traditional pain management methods, allowing patients to experience rapid relief from a wide range of acute and chronic pain conditions.



      MLS® laser therapy is a catalyst for transformation

      Providing patients with the most advanced and effective treatment options is paramount to the success of any healthcare practice. By utilizing the most advanced technology available, MLS® laser therapy provides the capacity to imagine new possibilities for patient care, offering a non-invasive, opioid-free option that can effectively treat a wide range of conditions.

      MLS® laser therapy has been clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation, and accelerate tissue repair. But what truly sets this technology apart is its ability to enhance your reputation and improve your business growth strategies.

      In addition to improving patient outcomes, MLS® laser therapy is a powerful business growth strategy. With this technology, you can attract new patients who are seeking advanced treatment options and set your practice apart from competitors.

    • MLS® Laser Range

      The MLS® range of high power dual wavelength Class IV lasers designed specifically to provide fast and effective treatment for a wide range of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.


    • Mphi 75

      This portable high powered MLS® therapeutic laser by ASAlaser Italy delivers 75w peak output MLS® Therapy via an ergonomic handpiece allowing very deep tissue penetration. Also includes an interchangeable light guide and software for optional laser acupuncture.

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    • Mphi 75.5

      The Mphi 75.5 unit includes all the advantages of the Mphi 75 unit with the addition of a 75w multidiode laser with 5cm diameter target area on a pantographic arm for hands free treatment. The unit also includes an ergonomic trolley.

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    • M8

      The M8 therapeutic laser features a 75w peak high-power MLS® multidiode laser with 5cm diameter target area mounted on a fully automatic robotised head with pre-programmed treatment area targeting. The unit also includes an ergonomic handpiece with 2cm target area.

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    • MHi

      The latest 270w peak-power (r)evolution of MLS® therapy with ergonomic handpiece with 4 changeable lenses. Flexible modular configuration can be portable or with trolley for hands-free.

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    • MiS

      MiS is a medical device with never-before-seen performances, combining the synchronized action of MLS® laser therapy with Hilterapia® distinctive pulsed power with 1kW peak power level.

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    • The Key to Business Growth and Improved Patient Outcomes

      Clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction are key drivers of reputation, as patients are more likely to refer others to a healthcare provider who has helped them achieve positive outcomes and has provided exceptional care.

      Reputation, in turn, can lead to an increase in referrals, as patients are more likely to seek care from a provider with a strong reputation.

      Referrals, combined with effective marketing and business growth strategies, can lead to an increase in revenue.
      By focusing on improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, healthcare providers can build a strong reputation, increase referrals, and ultimately drive revenue growth.



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