• MiS is a therapeutic laser with never-before-seen performance achieved by combining the synchronised action of MLS® Laser Therapy with Hilterapia® distinctive pulsed power.

    • The MiS system provides a fibre coupling of 7 diode laser sources, pulsed and continuous, reaching peak powers of 1kW and an emission quality of very high level.

      The very high instantaneous power is modulated through very short pulses that allow the stimulation of the therapeutic biological processes while maintaining control of the thermal effect and therefore the safety of the treatment.

      The device incorporates a light, compact, and multifunctional handpiece and a single bundle fibre optic connection to the multisource power, maximising the therapeutic performance.

    • Software

      The MiS laser uses a user-friendly touch screen with animated display.

      The MiS user interface is a high resolution 10” touchscreen is used to operate the advanced, versatile, and intuitive software.  The high operational flexibility allows it to adapt to the experience of different users and is easily updatable via USB.

      The system includes predefined protocols that are dynamically determined according to the selected anatomical area, the pathology, the characteristics of the patient, and the clinical phase.

      Each predefined protocol includes indications of the area to be irradiated with illustrations and videos; the user can also set the dimensions of the treatment area by drawing it directly on the screen.

      The unit offer total autonomy allowing the setting of treatment parameters manually and the ability to set and store personal program presets.

    • Service and support

      Service, warranty and support are provided locally in Australia by Heal With Laser. Users log-in to the membership area and request service or post a query.

    • Training

      Australian-based support and training includes

      • on-line videos for convenient in-surgery and support staff training.
      • assistance with installation and set-up.
      • ongoing instruction manuals.
      • guides and updates (including how to use the equipment and get the most out of the tools).
      • Access to state-of-the-art webinars and courses with world experts in pain management and laser therapy.
      • Training updates can be delivered by on-line log-in.


    • Membership

      Exclusive access to ongoing support, training, updated treatment protocols, latest research in laser therapy from ASAlaser Research Centre and international journals.

    • Specifications

      • 6 pulsed laser diodes (PW) @905nm
      • 1 Continuous/Frequency-modulated laser diode (CW/FW) @808nm
      • Average power (max): 6W ± 20%
      • Peak power (max): 1kW
      • 4 emission methods:
        Synchronized Continuous/Frequency-modulated and Pulsed at maximum peak power (MLS HPP 808+905nm)
        Synchronized Continuous/Frequency-modulated and Pulsed (MLS® 808+905nm)
        Single Continuous/Frequency-modulated (808nm)
        Single Pulsed (905nm)
      • Frequency: variable according to modulation
      • Intensity: from 1% to 100%
      • Time: from 1 sec to 30 min
      • Over 25 control sensors for very high levels of performance and safety
      • Intelligent battery that keeps the device in stand-by when not connected to the mains
      • High resolution 10” LCD touchscreen
      • Integrated handpiece holder and optical terminals holder
      • Laser applicator:
        1500 μm optical fibre
        Patent pending mechanical system for rapid connection between handpiece and optical terminal, with integrated recognition system
        Ergonomic handpiece with a button to control the emission and multicolour LED to indicate the status of the machine at any time
      • Handpiece with 2 cm optical terminal
        2 cm diameter homogeneous target area
        Collimated beam for maintaining the spot size both at contact and at a distance
        Ideal for treating trigger points, intra-articular areas, muscle bands
      • Handpiece with 5 cm optical terminal
        5cm diameter homogeneous target area
        Automatic adjustment of the parameters to optimize the intensity on the tissue
        Ideal for the treatment of large anatomical areas homogeneously, reducing treatment times
      • Trolley
        Tool-carrying trolley with magnetic fixing system
        4 swivel wheels with self-locking system suitable for all floors
        Glasses compartment
      • 56 x 47,4 x 147 cm, 25 kg