• HIRO TT combines the Nd:YAG pulsed laser source with a cooling system which lowers the temperature of the skin and the underlying tissues, called SmartCooler. HIRO TT is the ultimate application of Hilterapia®, the new therapeutic strategy in the treatment of painful pathologies of the musculoskeletal system based on the principle of thermal exchange.

    • Intervention immediacy

      Thanks to the effects of the thermal exchange, HIRO TT allows an immediate intervention even in the most acute conditions, such as traumas, muscle lesions and contusions.

      Intensity + Depth

      The SmartCooler allows you to make the best use of HILT® pulse, conveying a larger quantity of photons faster and deeper.

      Dual and parallel action

      The thermal exchange triggered by the SmartCooler and by the high intensity laser source shows more significant and longer-lasting results.

      1 optic fiber – 3 laser handpieces

      HIRO TT has been designed to connect all three handpieces (Ø 5mm, Ø 10mm, DJD) with a single optic fiber, thus optimising the change of handpiece with a quick and easy connection.


      The proven safety of the HILT® pulse, enhanced by the localised action of the thermal exchange, ensures patient comfort during the treatment also in cases of very acute inflammation and on highly sensitive subjects.


    • Smart Cooler

      The Efficacy of Thermal Exchange

      Thermal exchange is achieved through the intermittent application of a cooling skin temperature regulation system, called SmartCooler, which allows a thermal excursion down to 18°C: this translates into a measured decrease of temperature in the treated area, followed by the laser emission which causes it to increase.

      The thermal gradients ( T), that are created between tissues at different depths, trigger chain reactions that enhance Hilterapia® therapeutic effects, with even more immediate and effective analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema action.

      The alternating and intermitted application of the sources which generate the thermal exchange is particularly suitable to stimulate the reactivation of microcirculation and biological healing process, to facilitate edema resorption, and to promote muscle relaxation and pain inhibition.

      Additionally, the cooling action is dosed to mitigate inflammation, restore tissue homeostasis and favour early interventions on trauma and acute lesions.

      The SmartCooler cooling range is optimal to trigger the beneficial effect and enhance the laser action, without originating excessive thermal shocks that may have counter-productive and side effects.

      By virtue of its characteristics, TT effects are immediate and durable in the treatment of numerous pathologies including: osteoarthritis and periarthritis, muscle contractures, traumas, edema, contusions, tendinitis, and
      in post-surgical rehabilitation (with or without wounds).


    • Service and support

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    • Training

      Australian-based support and training includes

      • on-line videos for convenient in-surgery and support staff training.
      • assistance with installation and set-up.
      • ongoing instruction manuals.
      • guides and updates (including how to use the equipment and get the most out of the tools).
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    • Membership

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    • Specifications

      • Laser system employing the patented HILT® pulse
      • High Intensity pulsed Nd:YAG laser source
      • Peak Power (max): over 3,000 W
      • Intensity (max): 15,000 W/cm²
      • Energy per pulse (max): 350 mJ
      • Frequency: 10-30 Hz
      • Average power (max): 10.5 W
      • Fluence (max): 1780 mJ/cm²
      • Pulse duration: ≤ 100 μs
      • Auto-calibration of the laser emission to optimize the power delivery to the tissue
      • “Top-Hat Spot Size” technology to ensure homogeneous distribution of energy over the target area
      • SmartCooler Cooling system: 18°-28°C
      • User interface with 10” graphic color touch screen display
      • Pre-set protocols
        – Standard protocol
        – Fast protocol
        – Focused Protocol (by pathology)
        – Free programs to modify and save personal parameters
    • Alarms and Features
      • Acoustic signal of laser emission during the therapy
      • Date and time
      • Language option
      • Machine status signals and alarms
      • Emergency stop button for laser emission
      • Laser emission warning light
      • Interlock
      • Handpiece Test
      • Emission control – Footswitch or Fingerswitch
      • Standard Ø5 mm handpiece for pain therapy
      • Standard Ø10 mm handpiece for pain therapy on sensitive areas
      • Patented DJD handpiece for regenerative therapy
      • SmartCooler applicator
      • N.2 fiber/cable holders
      • N.2 laser safety goggles
      • 40 x 85 x 103 cm, 45 kg