Webinar: Using laser therapy to manage lymphoedema [audio]

    • Using laser therapy to manage lymphoedema
      • Sharon Tilley I B.Ap.Sc (Physiotherapy)
      • 29 October, 1:04 hr


    • [Audio only available]

    • Sharon Tilley B.Ap.Sc (Physiotherapy). Practice Principal at Lymphoedema and Laser Clinic, Committee Member Australian Medical Photobiomodulation Association. Sharon is a Principal Physiotherapist at the Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy clinic in Adelaide, South Australia. Together with Flinders University this clinic undertook inaugural research investigating the effects of low-level laser on breast cancer related lymphoedema in 1995. 

      Learning Outcomes 

      • How laser works including physiological changes that occur when using laser.
      • General musculoskeletal applications including both acute and chronic pathologies.
      • What is lymphoedema and why laser works so well for treating lymphoedema.
      • Short series of case examples about how to use laser for lymphoedema.