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      Heal With Laser Practitioner Webinar Series

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    • MLS® Laser Virtual Demo For Chiros
      • Dr Catherine Norton, CEO of Heal With Laser
      • Dr Lindy Kuburic B.Chir Sc, M. Chiro and Pavle Kuburic B.Arts (psych) hons, M. Couns. from Balanced for life, Sydney
      • 22 April 2021, 1:15 hours
    • Dr Catherine Norton, CEO of Heal With Laser and Dr Lindy Kuburic B.Chir Sc, M. Chiro and Pavle Kuburic B.Arts (psych) hons, M. Couns. from Balanced for life, Sydney will go through the important features of the MLS® laser and discuss the benefits for your practice.

      • Overview of MLS® system and how it works
      • Overview of common applications
      • Patient demonstration of medical laser
      • Q & A of product related questions.
    • Podiatry panel discussion and case study presentation
      • Kirsten Sinclair of Orkney Podiatry and Bron Cooper of Dr Foot Solutions
      • 29 March 2021, 56:00 minutes
    • Webinar – Panel Discussion
      Lasers for pain management in podiatry – sharing a global perspective across the pond!

      Discussion focus: The what, why & how of MLS laser therapy for pain management in podiatry.

      • The benefits of laser therapy for pain management.
      • The results their patients get with MLS laser – successful case examples.
      • The reasons practitioners should be using MLS laser
    • Using laser therapy to manage lymphoedema
      • Sharon Tilley I B.Ap.Sc (Physiotherapy)
      • 29 October, 1:04 hr
    • [Audio only available]

    • Sharon Tilley B.Ap.Sc (Physiotherapy). Practice Principal at Lymphoedema and Laser Clinic, Committee Member Australian Medical Photobiomodulation Association. Sharon is a Principal Physiotherapist at the Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy clinic in Adelaide, South Australia. Together with Flinders University this clinic undertook inaugural research investigating the effects of low-level laser on breast cancer related lymphoedema in 1995. 

      Learning Outcomes 

      • How laser works including physiological changes that occur when using laser.
      • General musculoskeletal applications including both acute and chronic pathologies.
      • What is lymphoedema and why laser works so well for treating lymphoedema.
      • Short series of case examples about how to use laser for lymphoedema.
    • Photobiomodulation for general practice
      • Roberta Chow
      • 24 August 2020; 1:10 hr
    • Dr. Roberta Chow AM is currently in practice at Quantum Pain Management located in Castle Hill. She is a leading medical practitioner and PhD in the field of laser therapy for pain management. Originally a general practitioner in private practice, Dr. Chow is focussed solely on pain management and has used laser therapy to treat patients since 1988. This led her to undertake a PhD in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney, studying laser therapy (LLLT) in neck pain although she treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain issues. Her further studies have included a Master of Applied Science and Grad Dip Pain Management (Sydney Uni). She has co-authored a book “Pain: the person, the science and the clinical interface.” As well as several book chapters and publications in international journals.

    • MLS Therapeutic Laser in Clinical Practice: A Podiatrist’s Experience
      • Bronwyn Cooper, Pain Podiatrist and Clinical Educator
      • 16 July 2020; 1:05 Hours
    • Bronwyn is a leading clinical consultant in muscle activity footwear and its applications for neuromusculoskeletal pain and improved posture function. She has over 40 years of experience in the fields of Podiatry and specialist footgear and founded Dr Foot Solutions Podiatry and Footgear Clinic in 2009.

      As she attracted complex pain patients, she added laser therapy into her modalities in 2016. Bronwyn is passionate about reclaiming pain free movement.

    • How MLS laser therapy helps chiropractors achieve outstanding patient satisfaction: clinical and business outcomes.
      • Dr. Lindy Kuburic and Pavle Kuburic
      • 11 June 2020; 1:05 Hours
    • Dr. Lindy Kuburic and Pavle KuburicBalanced for Life is a Chiropractor located in New South Wales who specialise in Multi-WaveLocked System – MLS Medical Laser treatment. It’s owned and operated by Dr. Lindy Kuburic ,CEO and Principal Chiropractor and Pavle Kuburic Counsellor and Business Manager

    • How to future-proof your practice with Laser Therapy
      • Dr Kent Hungerford
      • 21 May 2020; 1:01 Hours
    • Dr Kent Hungerford (BHlthSci, MPodPrac, DClinPod, FAAPS) is a nationally recognised Specialist Podiatric Surgeon and Podiatrist at South Coast Foot Surgery. Kent has completed his Doctor of Clinical Podiatry focused in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery from the University of Western Australia.

      Kent shares his interest, extensive experience and case examples in Low Level Laser Therapies.