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    • How MLS laser therapy helps chiropractors achieve outstanding patient satisfaction: clinical and business outcomes.
      • Dr. Lindy Kuburic and Pavle Kuburic
      • 11 June 2020; 1:05 Hours
    • Dr. Lindy Kuburic and Pavle KuburicBalanced for Life is a Chiropractor located in New South Wales who specialise in Multi-WaveLocked System – MLS Medical Laser treatment. It’s owned and operated by Dr. Lindy Kuburic ,CEO and Principal Chiropractor and Pavle Kuburic Counsellor and Business Manager

    • How to future-proof your practice with Laser Therapy
      • Dr Kent Hungerford
      • 21 May 2020; 1:01 Hours
    • Dr Kent Hungerford (BHlthSci, MPodPrac, DClinPod, FAAPS) is a nationally recognised Specialist Podiatric Surgeon and Podiatrist at South Coast Foot Surgery. Kent has completed his Doctor of Clinical Podiatry focused in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery from the University of Western Australia.

      Kent shares his interest, extensive experience and case examples in Low Level Laser Therapies.