Italian Physio Lab’s Unique Approach

    • Welcome to Fisiolab. 45 minutes to the west of Vicenza, Italy in a small town called Rosa.

      Mara Mezzalira and her team offer rehabilitation in orthopedic, sports and rheumatology. Mara has created a multi-faceted approach to wellness where she combines dynamic physical therapy with the healing powers of laser therapy.

      She develops personalized programs for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Mara is an expert in using MLS Laser therapy as well as Hilterapia – both developed by ASA Laser.

      On the day of our visit, we saw Mara treat three patients for tennis elbow, hip arthritis and foot tendonitis using the MLS Laser.

      She applied the MLS laser using the multi-diode head and the handpiece simultaneously. This results in faster healing and shorter treatment times.

      Mara engaged the patient at all levels. They become actively involved in their own rehabilitation. We saw their surprise at their increased range of movement and lessening of pain from a single session.

      For the patient with tennis elbow, Mara had her perform arm extensions, turn her head from side to side as well as move her arms up and down and to the side. She received laser treatment on her trapezius muscles, her shoulder, and her elbow. This combined effort resulted in greater mobility and a look of satisfaction on the patient’s face.

      Mara regularly combines the laser with the Redcord® Suspension System – a new therapeutic method for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. Like a synergistic symphony, they provide a stronger therapeutic solution for the patient.

      Now, this is a true MLS Laser therapy lab. Imagine how quickly your patients would heal and return to their normal lives if everyone combined dynamic physical therapy with the healing powers of laser therapy.

      Hats off to Mara and her team!